Application Development

Arkhya Tech has the expertise and infrastructure to provide high quality, cost effective software solutions that caters to several IT needs. The software development team at Arkhya Tech analyzes your business requirements, suggests the best technology needed and develops applications that meet the requirements.

Our approach to software development includes different phases for requirement analysis, design, development, implementation, training, and application maintenance. We follow a holistic project management methodology with prime focus on client’s requirements. This has helped us to effectively serve many clients from various domains Financial, Health, Retail, Education, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Government, Federal, Pharma, Manufacturing etc.

Arkhya Tech afford solution for migration and modernization; includes platform support research, functionality transfer review, risk assessment, cost analysis, implementation and new system optimization and tuning.

Why Arkhya Tech?

We provide the following Software Development services:

Architectural Consulting:

Our Architectural consulting service creates a robust architecture for an application that is scalable, secure, and reliable. An accurate architecture helps to develop the correct solution. We create the technology platform, physical architecture, software architecture, and network architecture. We also develop an information architecture that helps us to map the exact flow of information needed in the application.

The Architecture is the logic and backbone on which the application is built with user-friendly navigations. The logical connection between different parts of the project is defined by an architectural blueprint that is clear, easy to follow, and complete.

Product Engineering & Re-Engineering:

Regular & constant changes in the market trends, technology advancements, and growing customer needs pose a challenge to product development organizations and product evolvement becomes inevitable. To understand the prospects and update the product accordingly is the need of time. Our Product Engineering services help your organization in product updates within minimal costs and a short time frame.

Our approach to product engineering

Our expertise in various domains and technologies has helped many of our clients to evolve their software product as per the market trends. Our product engineering services enhances your software product to improve market-to-time capabilities and make it efficient to incorporate any future updates.

Arkhya Tech has successfully executed projects involving re-engineering of existing legacy application. We have been involved in migrating legacy applications to the latest technology applications. We have also been involved in providing user manuals and other documentation.

System Integration:

Uniformity in information is the key to success. System integration achieves this uniformity in information and streamlines the processes. Our approach to system integration includes understanding the client organization’s strategic goals and operational needs, this will help you to overpower the following challenges:

We use the following processes for system integration:

Development & Maintenance

Development is a crucial phase of the Software Development Life Cycle. Our development team helps you to build robust and error-free applications that meet the entire client organization’s requirements. Development involves coding for the software components that need to be integrated in the solution. Our team of developers create the software components in the required technology and as per the required updates.

Technology and innovation walk together during the development process, which helps us to develop robust and user-friendly software components that can be easily amalgamated into the product. We also cater to maintenance and support for the software components that we have created and implemented in the product.

Why Arkhya Tech?

Open Source

Our Open Source development services and solutions offer quality and customized open source web development and software application development to small firms, midsize companies, and large corporates. The Open Source team identifies all the client organization’s requirements and suggests an open source technology that is the best solution. The team then constructs and crafts a solution that has a unique interface and features that meet all the requirements.

Our open source services include:

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